[guild hall relying on chart] regrettablly ah, did not do her unexpectedly bend over below!


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[playtime] : 3.21
[J S name] : 208
[J S native place] : Yunnan
[J S age] : 20 the left and right sides
[J S amount] : See 60+
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : 898
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Did not come for ages forum rambled, good rested not easily, hold back small half an year, rest today need not work overtime to come out eventually hey, be inferior to making an appointment with a girl to play, with respect to the Wen Dong that before remembering, Q Q adds, made an appointment with evening to go up, as a result Wen Dong says to a new personality just goes to work in the morning, those who grow is quite good, she has time, ask I want not to go, excitement is dead I, this not the dinner after demur does not say to get up did not eat to run over, after taking the door, wen Dong recieves me, say to want to take me to see new course, the technical level that does not know newlywed person namely how, a bit small concern, but after seeing a girl, the spirit on the horse, ask a girl, coquettish not, on face of this moment girl aglow, sound very novel a word, coquettish. Be in charge of him to serve how ah, can do him bend over issue me to be satisfied, after the girl comes in, with respect to the side I try water lukewarm let me take off the dress, this moment girl also was in the nude, accompany me to arrive together inside water room, wash to me, the

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  • feeling is bright, enjoy well below, girl on bended knees, I on the leg that double leg puts in the girl apart, wash

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  • to me wash mew, wash wash ham, dally with the little little brother that plays me a little while, the day is propped up with respect to one column inside water. This girl has a defect to like to eat mew namely, what you say my mew does not have him again is big, work do not have a thing to like to eat mew, do not have a thing to eat my mew, I do not have a grandma again, she should eat her milk, ah ah. Pull far. After be washed in water, blew a little while to me, not dare capture gun, after be afraid of, good service was missed. Next the service follows to had been not differred before, after coming out from water room, sit on that chair, wash with mew washed back, wash with the hand wash fart, lick J H, continued to eat a little while, the project of the bathroom ended, do not cross here I should say, this girl is to do together massage, massage technique is good, when doing chair to go up, still pressed what just wash to me a little while to me. Lie on the bed, look at a girl my mix up pulls silk, I like to use the rare site of tone, such feeling smooth, do not stick again, after coming out from the bathroom, bending over is to roam first, point to slippery what, silk is pulled in

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  • what besmear to me, still give me silk of back Tu La with breasts, give the Tu La on the leg silk with Y wool, the feeling is smooth, comfortable. But below the second is afflictive, holding out all the time, a bedplate is afflictive. Waiting for a girl to say conversely, wait for upturned moment, my hand is not frank word, go K girl below, water shade hole has been below the girl, pardonable him girl says him coquettish, after playing a few times, the girl

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  • did not let me play, continue to use mew, mao Mao gives me Tu La silk, this moment I am about to say, this girl’s true S, besmearing to me besmear is worn, oneself are put in with respect to the little little brother that is arresting me, begin G I, you say this time small wolf can be accepted so, by girl G, demur does not say, turn over be about to go up G her, I am taken out after coming, the T T that the girl just takes to me works on ability, begin campaign having oxygen, direct capture Q, you say you say so work below the person of coquettish so close still, I of clip am small the little brother aches quite, so mad still. After capture Q, talked about a few with the girl

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  • , lao Lao the daily life of a family, etc below spirit, in come. Nevertheless my hand doe

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  • s not have at a loose end all the time, you say this girl, I let feel below, but do not let me go in with hand C, inside K, but let me play J H with the hand again, regrettablly I do not have this hobby. Rest about the same later, in came, let a girl be rinsed to me next below, hand in money to go person. Do not know this girl is new personality really, work, it is careful, also chat leave, still have a bit small bashful, exclusive regrettablly is, did not bend over girl doing below.
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    [recreational map] : Wen Dong hotline; 15316057962 Wen Dongwei signal: Azfe27945   Zhang Yu QQ 3282608347 Wen Dong QQ group: 432392564