[residence of Shanghai beach high end] the girl that A happy event recommends every time very the taste that accords with me to force


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  • Shanghai beach [high end] residence
    [A is fond of] hot line: 17317396918 [or] 15821139608
    [A is fond of] small letter: 17317396918
    [A is fond of] QQ:  3536730583
    [A is fond of] QQ group: 588025507

    [marked price general view] :
    B card cost price 1180 make an appointment [A is fond of] 1180

    A card cost price 1480 make an appointment [A is fond of] 1380

    Q card cost price 1780 make an appointment [A is fond of] 1680

    M card cost price 2080 make an appointment [A is fond of] 1980

    S card cost price 2680 make an appointment [A is fond of] 2580

    Periphery group cost price 4080 make an appointment [

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  • A is fond of] 3880

    [inform each eldest brother] : Advert

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  • isement content / technician photograph / whole affiliated to a ministry is solid, do not worry, I do not have too much and luxuriant language! But I leave a sincerity for you! Oneself hold to all the time: Honesty is an upright person, sincere letter works, give priority to with client interest, recieve enthusiasticly, considerate service, outstanding arrangement, patient answer, regular meeting makes you sa

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  • tisfactory, to do not waste your valuable time and electric telephone bill, oneself are not done leave high low fold advertisement price to come flicker netizen. Above price all is member price, SN is a special industry, become frequent visitor only, the honoured guest that will consume shifts to an earlier date please please 15-30 minute book room and JS. [A is fond of] at any time await respectively your presence!

    Wish each eldest bro

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  • ther can, take a time, go up about friend, take intense emotion, head for this field, come an extraordin

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  • ary experience!

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