[the monarch is met] fluctuation left and right sides, the whole thing, of C very deep


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[playtime] : 1.12
[J S name] : 77
[J S native place] : Northeast
[J S age] : 20
[J S amount] : 50+
[recreational project] : SM
[recreation costs] : 798
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : This paragraph of time works overtime everyday in what keep all the time, hook up did not have a holiday weekend well take a rest, couldn’t help wanting to release oneself eventually yesterday. Come off

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  • work to look much at 10 o’clock, time opened computer to opened forum to be browsed one time subsequently immediately in the home. The card that saw next forum evaluates a few good shop quite all the time recently, look still chose a monarch finally meeting place, feeling evaluation and value are very good. Communicated a little while with small letter with the China son manager inside, the picture that he also gave me to send a few J S looks 77 pretty good still. Because BL is of Guangxi, still be interested in northeast girl quite so, then the decision called a manager to helped me leave preparation to the spot to look again in the past a few what to have appropriate played again in the past next time. Will to meeting place passed at 12 o’clock almost; I saw the manager asks 77 sides I had stayed immediately after incoming spot. Answer; Be at ease eldest brother helps you had stayed, belts of available still 30 many my one at first you see next having fun at come over to play again next time.

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  • The likelihood because time is later, the belt with direct manager I came in PF took 30 many girls to look to me, although do not know a service how but integral sensation girl is younger. Then I still was 77 to choose today’s heroine, the dish that is me after all also is the dish that I agree beforehand ahead of schedule. After been choose, the girl closed the door to rise first hit a phone to sign up for a bell, take slipper to be changed to me then, next little come out the content of my cover, oneself return sofa edge, begin an edge to order the thing of the cover that she gets on come out of colourful dance edge personally, wow! This figure must have not said really, the fleshy meat of one is done not have. After the end gently before going up, said in my side side sentence ” dear, we come first a Y Y Y rinse below, experience the bed of water of ISO Guan type here serves ” ” be no problem of course ” will to bathroom girl helped me rinse first below, then the girl enjoins me to lay down, begin a series of services, what annulus swims, a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck

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  • , D L getting. . And the front serves when can tease very much,

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  • a few minutes let what my second holds out empurple, the girl is contained readily go down, remittent, deep depth is shallow, it is warm very, a few minutes make descendants of my ten million big explode in her mouth, contained a Wen Shui next, continue ” comfort ” , rush cool, the girl takes bath towel to be wiped for me, I like myself to brush, it is not certain to feel others is brushed to me can wipe up, then oneself had taken bath towel, let a girl go in a state of excitement first, I am brushed lying to take a rest on go to bed first, after a few minutes pass, the girl emerges, begin my AM, draw out ear, the edge horizon chats to enjoy a service, the sense is really good, see in road beautiful female so of effort make a service, it is really couldn’t bear at the heart, want a girl to take a rest, ask to fall repeatedly in me, the girl stops eventually vivid, begin to lie chat on the side of me, rest about the same 10 come minute, con

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  • tinue to serve, the front still is those Guan type ISO, affection arrives in the mount a horse that carry a gun, begin a series of action pattern, old man go-cart, avalokitesvara sits lotus, lie between hill to hit ox, straight pound Huang Long to wait a moment, , , , a series of action type, put S eventually when just getting on for time. Lay down rested to meet, the phone came time arrived.

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