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Article introduction

No matter be when wearing short skirt of skirt of bull-puncher trousers length, the muscle line of crus decided a person greatly figure of one bicrural whole. If1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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If crus muscle line is fine, oneself also can give good-looking short skirt when can letting oneself wear the jeans to shed free; to wear short skirt even all the more it seems that add cent. The person of nonexistent muscle line on crus should be added frequently take exercise, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Today’s article will introduce a few methods that exercise crus muscle line for reader friends.

Line of muscle of how experienced crus

Train the movement of crus

Movement 1: The body keeps smooth, the waist wants to hold outLoveSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Straight, knee joint is the same as with the shoulder as far as possible wide cannot divide especially too, allow ham and coxal hair force conciously, the waist maintains in staying behavioral course greatly straight, experience target muscle systole.

Movement 2: Both hands holds straight arm of one dumbbell nature to hang down each at body side or bear barbell, both hands holds dumbbell to bend ancon park shoulder to go up, bipod is opened be the same as with coxa wide, the eye inspects ahead, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen to tighten one foot of lumbar; to step one pace ahead next crouching make knee joint and gambrel are on same vertical line, another leg backward unbend, weight distributings to go up in two legs equably. Crouch to knee joint to near the area below bend one’s knees of heavy coxa, hind leg, pause a bit abide former road is reductive.

Movement 3: Station straight body, transfer to a lower level of crock bell nature, rightward of right leg parallel crouchs, reductive change left foot to have an action.

Line of muscle of how experienced crus

Movement 4: Drawing conduces to extend muscle, restore sarcous appearance, maintain line feeling; more the carriage that is helpful for metabolization child and eliminate, those who release muscle to accumulate is exhausted1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiForum of Shanghai night net

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Fatigue. It is not easy that the drawing after long-distance running ends can let crus muscle fiber overlay, flesh fiber becomes more fine, also make muscle line more slender as fatigue as what eliminate ran to bring.

The subtle move of flesh of experienced good crus

The characteristic that is aimed at target flesh trains

Crus flesh is the person’s most commonly used in daily life muscle, the characteristic is flesh fiber density big, be able to bear or endure arduous, be able to bear or endure fatigue, the convention of general strength trains cannot ” shake ” .

Right way is: Can bear in the light of crus flesh the characteristic of great weight, weekly arrangement loads 2 times greatly training, alternate 1 times among medium, small load training, the purpose is to assure to train frequency only. Load 2 times greatly must use ” preferential training ” law, practice is over the retraining after crus is other, special perhaps experienced crus.

Line of muscle of how experienced crus

Exercise a movement in the light of crus sarcous

Heel is being lifted in crus training is best method is done not have one of! Lifting heel is not simple mat tiptoe, want to make whole journey motion. The detail of training is: Stand on tiptoe comes do not fall instantly when coping, when effort holds to; 2 seconds to fall, should want to control reductive, till the nadir. Ability of such whole journey movement makes the appearance of crus is close to ideal, avoid deviate of crus flesh position, the malady with meticulous lower end.

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