[hay and chrysanthemum can bubble water is drunk] _ is sweet – of effect of water of careless _ bubble

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Licorice and chrysanthemum are we compare common thing at ordinary times, both it is OK one bubbly water drinks, bubble water is drunk have fall the action with aperient fire, everybody knows to often drink the word of chrysanthemum tea, it is to have clear liver bright purpose effect, have a lot of profit to person body health, both when bubble water is drunk, can add a few medlar appropriately to waitShanghai Long Feng forum

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Thing, the effect is met more good, still need to notice to rest more at ordinary times, do not stay up late.

 Hay and chrysanthemum can is bubble water drunk

Licorice can be mixed chrysanthemum bubbles

Licorice can bubble with chrysanthemum.

Licorice pleasant is smooth, small cool, hardships and difficulties of avirulent; chrysanthemum, the gender is cool, avirulent, both without photograph gram, so licorice can bubble with chrysanthemum. And both still can match one case other.

What do licorice and chrysanthemum have frothily advantage

Clear heat is alexipharmic

Licorice sex is cool, but clear heat, with Yu Feng heat catchs a cold, and the alexipharmic effect that licorice extract and pleasant oxalic acid have similar dextrose aldehydic acid to certain poisonous substances. Licorice make tea can be usable give out heat at treating fatigue tired, antidote poison, bromatoxism. Chrysanthemum flavour bitter sex is cold the classics that enter liver, heat of can clear liver, smooth liver is in relief, use atShanghaiShanghai night net

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Wind heats up a cold, sore carbuncle swollen poison. Licorice and chrysanthemum can make the effect of clear hot detoxify stronger frothily.

Protect an eye

Chrysanthemum smooth liver, clear liver bright eye, can treat wind again be attacked on heat or the eye of phlogistic be caused by on irascibility is red and aching, to treating eyestrain, eyesight faintness also has very good curative effect, licorice benefiting taste, make tea can be mixed in emergency, add chrysanthemum to be able to increase clear liver again frothily bright purpose effect, so both can protect an eye frothily.

Licorice chrysanthemum scented tea can be drunk for a long time

 Hay and chrysanthemum can is bubble water drunk

Licorice chrysanthemum tea cannot be drunk for a long time.

Although licorice has,fill the effect such as lienal beneficial gas, clear hot detoxify, but the volume containing sugar of licorice is very high, long take large dose licorice root, can cause dropsy, and licorice returns what can restrain coriaceous alcohol to change, take a likelihood for a long time to bring about blood pressure to rise with disease of low blood Potassium. And licorice and chrysanthemum are cold sex, drink for a long time can cause adverse effect to the body.

Licorice and chrysanthemum how bubble

Licorice chrysanthemum falls igneous tea

Raw material: Chrysanthemum of golden small cup 3, licorice 5, lotus seed core is right amount, red lily 3, rock candy a few.

Practice: Clean the raw material such as chrysanthemum licorice into proper cold water above all, abluent and all in putting a cup, enter boiled water (80 ° control) to 90 ° , immerse 3 to 5 minutes can.

Effect: Qing Dynasty heats up reduce internal heat.

Unsuited crowd: Pregnant woman, children.

The note that licorice and chrysanthemum bubble

1, taste empty is cold person unfavorable drink licorice chrysanthemum tea, licorice and chrysanthemum are cool sex, cold to taste cool person adverse.

 Hay and chrysanthemum can is bubble water drunk

2, pregnant woman is unfavorable drink licorice chrysanthemum tea, licorice and chrysanthemum propertyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Cold cool, and power of immunity of pregnant woman oneself is low, Forum of Shanghai night net

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For frail, tea of edible licorice chrysanthemum stimulates intestines and stomach easily, cause abdomen to be fond of the symptom such as diarrhoea, go against fetal health to grow.

3, children is mixed not easily also licorice chrysanthemum tea, children is in grow the fastigium of development, have the effect that reduces in relief gas with licorice chrysanthemum tea, because this had better not be drunk.

4, tea of drinkable licorice chrysanthemum appears likely gastric ministry unwell, bowel cries, the enteron reaction such as semiliquid stool, cannot drink too much.

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